New Partner

Pacheco Neto, Sanden Teisseire Advogados is honored to announce the promotion of Adriano Consentino to Partner member of the Board, in the year of his completion of 10 years of association. Adriano’s practice areas are foreign direct investment, corporate law and contracts, as well as legal demands related to investments in startups and in innovation....


Preparing a Position Paper

In light of the very challenging international scenario, where China has not yet displaced the EU so far along the negotiation period, Eurocâmaras is almost finishing its Swedish Chairmanship and is currently preparing a position paper together with the Market Access Team experts to contribute to its main priorities discussed in the Strategic Committee. These...


Reopening of the Repatriation

Law 13,428 of March 30th, 2017 reopened the Regularization Exceptional Regime (RERCT) for new requests. The special regime covers the regularization of assets and rights with lawful origin, not declared or declared with inaccuracies, kept or remitted abroad, or repatriated by resident or domiciled in Brazil. This reopening was regulated by Normative Ruling RFB 1,704/2017,...


Income Tax and CIDE on the Use of Software as a Service

According to the COSIT Precedent 191/2017, the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service (“RFB”) analyzed the payment regarding the authorizations of remote use of software made by a source located abroad, which can be hosted in a cloud, and accessed remotely by internet with a login and a password. The COSIT Precedent 191/2017, in this scenario, analyzed...

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