“Knowing the particularities of law in each country is now a strategic advantage for those who want to internationalize.”

Andreas-SandenAndreas Sanden is a founding partner of Pacheco Neto Sanden Teisseire Law Firm and a member of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB), São Paulo chapter, as well as a member of the German Bar Association. Specializing in cross-border transactions between Germany and Brazil, Andreas has, over the past twenty-five years, advised German foreign investors in Brazil. His practice areas range from the structuring of startups to M&A operations. A director of both the German-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, São Paulo, and of the Brazilian-German Lawyers Association (DBJV), he is also past President of the German-Brazilian Junior Chamber of Commerce and Industry, São Paulo. Andreas has worked at Price Waterhouse and Mattos Filho Law Firm, among other companies.