“In the globalized world, different conflicts require different approaches, our solid negotiation knowledge combined with strategic vision and innovative legal solutions add value to the client’s business.”

Patricia-Freitas-FuocoPatricia Freitas Fuoco is attorney and mediator. With more than 20 years’ experience in cross-border transactions coupled with strong negotiation skills, Patricia renders legal advice to domestic and foreign companies and drafts and negotiates contracts that cover complex commercial transactions and real estate operations. Additionally, she is experienced in mediation advocacy, acting as counsel in cross-border and domestic mediations. Patricia is a graduate of the Law School of Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas and has completed negotiation and mediation courses at Harvard Law School in the United States. She holds a postgraduate specialization degree in governance and legal planning in family businesses from the Law School of São Paulo (FGV). She is certified as a mediator by ICFML (Certification and Training Institute of Portuguese Speaking Mediators) and by the National Council of Mediation and Arbitration Institutions (CCCM-CONIMA) as well as by the Argentinian Centro de Mediación Mediaras and by the DeFamilia (Estratégias para Famílias Empresárias) in Brazil. Patricia is an advisory board member of ICFML Brazil, and is co-leader of the Business Mediation Study Group for the Brazilian Arbitration Committee (CBAr). Patricia mediates at the mediation panel of the Eurochamber Mediation and Arbitration Chamber (CAE), the Chamber of Commercial Arbitration (CAMARB), the Brazilian Centre of Mediation and Arbitration (CBMA) and the Chamber of Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration of CIESP/FIESP. She is also Chapter Leader Member of the Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors (AM&AA) in the United States. Patricia lectures frequently in Brazil and abroad. She is a native Portuguese speaker and is fluent both in English and Spanish.