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ARCA DO SABER is a Franco-Brazilian humanitarian association founded in 2001. The association integrates needy under age youth into society by fostering social and educational activities for children, their families and communities. Presently, ARCA DO SABER manages a day care center with one hundred and fifteen children ranging from ages three to six years. This association offers educational booster classes in the afternoon which keeps school age children off the streets.

ARCA DO SABER also offers a crafts workshop, a much needed opportunity for the women of the Favela Vila Prudente in the city of São Paulo.

PNST renders legal assistance to ARCA DO SABER.



Rede Cultural Beija-Flor (Beija-Flor Cultural Project) is a non-profit organization that has operated in Brazil for twenty-two years and provides support to both children and teenagers in need. Over two thousand young Brazilians as well as their families and the community at large benefit from Rede Cultural Beija-Flor’s programs yearly. Four Core Centers for Community Development carry out this organization’s activities within São Paulo’s communities.

Beija-Flor’s concept is based on the concept of Kolibri CARF (Children At Risk Foundation), a Norwegian organization established in 1992 by Gregory John Smith, the president of RCBF Ashoka Fellow and 2014 winner of the humanitarian  prize, World of Children Award.